Our story

Over a decade ago, Valentina and Carolina met: just another love story. Valentina was an athlete of the argentinian national handball team. Carolina is a nutritionist. There was a lot to learn, share and understand about diabetes.

Years passed and the first project together was born: TeamD, a running team for diabetics. It provided so much experience and gave them a lot of perspective of what a diabetic person needs to succeed in exercising and creating a healthy lifestyle.

Married since 2013, mothers of twins, diabetes is an everyday life issue at home. SportD is a natural consequence of these women’s life and values: passion for sport, living life fully without letting diabetes get in the way of every adventure they choose to live!

Re-learning is the basis of constant improvement.

Carolina Rieger – CEO Sportd

Sportd Staff

Carolina Rieger

CEO / Founder

Married to Valentina Kogan (OLY), diabetic for more than 30 years. Nutritionist and organizational wellness consultant. I continuously advocate for the right to a better quality life, creating opportunities and constant improvement. 10 years of hard work with diabetes were the kick start to Sportd.

Adriana Attar Cohen


Former national fencing team athlete and current coach and referee, sport and training constitute my way of life. I believe in the power of sports and technology at the service of human beings to transform our enviroment and lives.

SportD-Christian Cipriano - CFO

Christian Cipriano

CFO – Finances

Master in the UK with professional experience in the healthcare sector and international in Education and E-Commerce. My lifestyle is sport and data. The combination of both not only helps to improve your health but also empowers you to make better decisions and transform your day.

Estefanía Berninsone

Design – UX/UI

Fromer athlete of fencing national team, I am a multi-media designer. I look forward to collaborating in the impact of new technologies on health and sports.