Just exercise,
Sportd takes care of your diabetes.

Each training session, learn along with the app how your glucose behaves. Sportd connects you with people all around the world. Travel and share! Leave your backpack home, all you need is just a click.

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Connect with people with diabetes
from all over the World.


The person of your choice can
track your location.


Learn your optimal glucose values
for each training session.


Manage your diabetes

Store detailed information from each training session. Increase your understanding of your optimal values for  every type of exercise. 

Share your location

Allow someone you trust to receive notifications when your training begins, invite them to virtually join you!

Download statistics

Share with your physician or coach. Optimize your workout. 

Know the best places. Recommended by users. 

Access thousands of points of interest wherever you are. Tested and certified by users. Upload your favourite and share!

What you need to know

Diabetes in numbers


mg/dL Maximum glucose level recommended to start physical activities.


Minimum time in range recommended for better control.


mg/dL minimum glucose recommended to start physical activities.


Diabetes diagnosis. 6% is considered prediabetes.



Centralized information. Safe workouts.

Everything you need in one place. Centralize your information and create reports with a single click. Leave your concerns behind: the SOS button is at hand!

Store your data and share

Download and share easily with your physician, coach or family. Health and workout statistics.

Access your workout and glucose level statistics

Get a customized forecast analysis. Customized recommendations based on your own glucose parameters.


Connect with people from all over the World. Read their suggestions and send yours. Feel safe and travel!

Chat with peers from all over the World

Arrange a run or hangout with people anywhere. Share your workout plans and challenge friends. Access the latest information, experiences and tips from other users.

Build a network of professionals and recommended businesses

Connect with thousands of shops, business, or training teams. Read suggestions and share yours with the community.

SOS button

In the event of an emergency, whoever assists you will know what to do. Your smartphone screen will let them know. Set your diabetes type, medication and speed dial a person who will know how to assist you.

Set an emergency contact

Show your medical info on locked screen. Add a speed dial to someone you trust to assist you in an emergency. Exercise freely.

Share your location when your workout begins

One or more people will receive an alert when your training session begins, and will be able to track your location live. Great for emergencies, getting supplies or assist you on site.

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